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S.No.Module Main problem AreaSub Problem AreaRemarksIsActiveEDIT
1 ExaminationExamination~Examination FormPersonal Information True Edit
2 ExaminationExamination~Examination FormPhoto and Signature True Edit
3 ExaminationExamination~Examination FormExam Details True Edit
4 ExaminationExamination~Examination FormSubject Details True Edit
5 ExaminationExamination~Examination FormApplication Summary True Edit
6 ExaminationExamination~Examination FormPayment True Edit
7 ExaminationExamination~Examination FormSubmit Application Form True Edit
8 ExaminationExamination~Examination FormExam Form tab not appear (Student Portal) True Edit
9 ExaminationExamination~Examination FormYour Exam Form awaited message displayed (Student Portal) True Edit
10 ExaminationExamination~Examination FormFresh/Reappear option not displayed (Student Portal) True Edit
11 ExaminationExamination~Examination FormSemester not displayed (Student Portal) True Edit
12 ExaminationExamination~Admit CardUnable to download Admit Card True Edit
13 ExaminationExamination~Admit CardSubject not appear In Admit Card True Edit
14 ExaminationExamination~Admit CardWrong information display True Edit
15 ExaminationExamination~Admit CardWrong Subject display True Edit
16 ExaminationExamination~ResultUnable to download resultexaminationTrue Edit
17 ExaminationExamination~ResultWrong college displaying in result True Edit
18 ExaminationExamination~ResultSubject not appearing in resultexaminationTrue Edit
19 ExaminationExamination~ResultIA marks not appearing in resultexaminationTrue Edit
20 ExaminationExamination~ResultPractical marks not appearing in resultexaminationTrue Edit
21 ExaminationExamination~ResultTheory marks not appearing in resultexaminationTrue Edit
22 AdmissionAdmission~Admit CardUnable to download admit cardadmisssionTrue Edit
23 AdmissionAdmission~Admit CardWrong information displayadmissionTrue Edit
24 AdmissionAdmission~Admission Entrance FormPersonal InformationAdmissionTrue Edit
25 AdmissionAdmission~Admission Entrance FormPhoto and SignatureAdmissionTrue Edit
26 AdmissionAdmission~Admission Entrance FormApplication Summary True Edit
27 AdmissionAdmission~Admission Entrance FormPaymentAdmissionTrue Edit
28 AdmissionAdmission~Admission Entrance FormSubmit Application FormAdmissionTrue Edit
29 Student Portal Unable to loginstudent portalTrue Edit
30 Student Portal Photo not display on Homepage after loginstudent portalTrue Edit
31 Student Portal Wrong Photo display on Homepage After Login True Edit
32 Student Portal Homestudent portalTrue Edit
33 Student Portal My Profilestudent portalTrue Edit
34 Student Portal Course Detailsstudent portalTrue Edit
35 Student Portal Student Resultstudent portalTrue Edit
36 Student Portal Examination Formstudent portalTrue Edit
37 Registration and Migration Student login option on homepage not respondingrmeTrue Edit
38 Registration and Migration Unable to loginrmeTrue Edit
39 Registration and Migration Click for new registration option not respondingrmeTrue Edit
40 Registration and Migration Basic DetailsrmeTrue Edit
41 Registration and Migration After migration my roll number not updated to my current collge rmeTrue Edit
42 Registration and Migration Application SummaryrmeTrue Edit
43 Registration and Migration PaymentrmeTrue Edit
44 Registration and Migration Submit Application FormrmeTrue Edit